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This is a travel blog where you can read different traveller’s stories and recommendations about
where and how to travel on a budget. Our goal is to prove that money can’t be an excuse to travel.

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Thailand – 4 weeks itinerary

Hey there 🙂 Thailand is a popular place to visit nowadays. It’s tropical beaches, nice people and tasty food makes this country a bucket-list destination.


Bargaining in Bangkok

Hey there! I LOVE MARKETS! And we are in BANGKOK! Perfect combination!  Everytime we go to a new place I have to visit at least


Expectation vs Reality

Hello lovely people! When you are planning a trip, – you want it or not – you have expectations. And if you are planning a

🌴 instead of 🎄

🌴 instead of 🎄

Hey everyone! I’ve never spent Christmas this far away, and I’ve never spent Christmas only with Ádám. Actually in the last 6 years we spent


How can travelling change you?

Helllo everyone! After my first blogpost I’ve got some feedback that what I write should be waaay more personal. Well, thank you very much for


For 10 days on the road

hello guys,pls welcome my very first post! welcome to Singapore gallery intresting facts 1st destination: Singapore Until today, our longest travel together with Ádám was

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My name is Cecilia, I’m 27 and I love travelling. I’m from Cluj Napoca, I’m not rich (dad has no company) and sadly I’m not brave enough for doing amazing stuff like Couchsurfing or hitchhiking. So basically if I want to travel -> I need money. This is how my story started: I moved to England, for traveling.


I’m Anna and I started to travel when I was 18. At the age of 20, I started this blog because I wanted to learn and share my stories with other people.

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